Sónar Barcelona 2023

20% discount on your tickets for Sónar Barcelona 2023!

Get ready to party with the biggest names in electronic music at Sónar Barcelona 2023! Taking place on June 15th, 16th, and 17th, it's the 30th anniversary celebration and it's gonna be lit! With top performers like Aphex Twin, Bicep, Eric Prydz's HOLO, Bad Gyal, Peggy Gou, Honey Dijon, The Blessed Madonna, Amelie Lens, Laurent Garnier, Black Coffee and Richie Hawtin, plus cutting-edge artists like Fever Ray, Little Simz, and legends like Oneohtrix Point Never, Max Cooper, and Ryoji Ikeda, you won't want to miss out. And let's not forget about the club bangers from Logic1000, Sherelle x Kode9, MikeQ, DJ Marky & MC GQ, Nick León, Mauka, Honey, and Dinamarca!

And the best part? You can get a 20% discount on tickets for Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night, and even a 2-night pass! Just use the code you can request on the EYCA website. (Note: VIP night tickets, VIP Pass, and Accreditation are excluded from the discount) Get ready to dance!

Terms & conditions apply:
- To access this promotion, you must use the link provided in the description.
- The sale of tickets for the festival is done via https://dice.fm
- After retrieving your voucher (via the box below), you will need to insert it in the promo code box that will show up after adding your personal information (in the last steps of the purchase).
- The use of this discount is limited to one ticket per cardholder. Please, note that tickets are non-transferable.
- You may be asked to present a valid form of ID + European Youth Card upon arrival at the venue.
- Should you not be able to present your European Youth Card, your entry may be denied.

Els dies 15, 16 i 17 de juny del 2023, Sónar celebra el seu 30è aniversari a Barcelona. Serà una gran festa, que comptarà amb els noms més grans de l’electrònica -Aphex Twin, BICEP live, Eric Prydz amb el seu show tridimensional HOLO, Bad Gyal, Peggy Gou, Honey Dijon, Black Coffee, The Blessed Madonna, Amelie Lens, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin-; les propostes més avançades -Fever Ray, Little Simz, Marina Herlop-; artistes de culte -Oneohtrix Point Never, Max Cooper, Ryoji Ikeda-; i música de club -Logic1000, SHERELLE x Kode9, Eliza Rose, DJ Marky & MC GQ, Nick León, Manuka Honey, Dinamarca.

20% de descompte en els tickets: Abonament, Entrada 2-Nits, Entrada d'1 dia a Sónar de Dia, Entrada d'1 nit a Sónar de Nit. *(tiquets exempts: entrades de nit VIP, l'Abonament VIP i l'Acreditació). El descompte s’aplica a les següents entrades de Sónar Barcelona 2023: Abonament, Entrada 2-Nits, Entrada d'1 dia a Sónar de Dia.

Per gaudir d’aquest descompte només has d'introduir el codi que has de demanar AQUI (web EYCA)


Serà imprescindible identificar-te abans d'entrar al festival amb el teu Carnet Jove vigent i el DNI/passaport per accedir-hi amb qualsevol de les modalitats d'entrades amb descompte. Si s'ha adquirit l’entrada sense ser titular del Carnet Jove, li serà denegat l'accés i es perdran les entrades/abonaments.